November 4.-6, 2010 Face-to-face conference “Ten Years/Ten Countries” 04.08.2010

International cooperation is one of the main objectives of the EAD. The conference “Ten Years/Ten Countries” in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany will provide another opportunity to reunite with long-term cooperation partners. The motto of the conference is: “In dialogue we trust!”
After cultural days held in Stuttgart within the face-to-face conference in 2007, featuring renowned Estonian companies and their designers (Skype, Thulema, Aquator, 4ROOM, Estonian Institute, KUMU among others), we were happy to receive an invitation to take part in the 10th anniversary of the conference from 4 to 6 November 2010. Invitations were sent to all countries that have given presentations at the conference over these 10 years (Austria, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Spain and others). Estonia is planning to send a delegation of two companies with their designers.