Estonian Design at New York Design Festival 13.03.2024

Exhibition: Upmade in Estonia as a part of New York Design festival NYCxDESIGN

May 16-22, 2024

Soul of Estonian Design Unveiled: Tradition, Circularity, Innovation

Estonian designers are renowned for their innovative approach, which is complemented by a commitment to embracing a circular and minimalist design philosophy deeply rooted in a respect for nature and a forward-thinking mindset. This unique blend of sustainability and digital innovation serves as the cornerstone of Estonian design, resulting in products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and part of a circular lifecycle.

Estonia, a small yet dynamic Baltic country nestled in Northern Europe, has made significant strides in the global design and digital innovation landscape. Recognized as the “most unicorns per capita in Europe” and “the most start-ups per capita in Europe,” Estonia stands out as the world’s first 100% digitally transformed society.

As the Global Digital Governance Leader and the birthplace of Skype, Estonia is renowned for its efficient digital government services. The e-Residency program, established a decade ago, enables individuals worldwide to become virtual residents of Estonia, granting access to a transparent business environment and empowering innovation-driven entrepreneurs in the creative industries on a global scale.

Events at the Lafayette gallery in SOHO: 

The exhibition UPMADE in Estonia is a showcase of Estonian design and digital innovation and a platform for growth and new ideas. It features a circular design, new materials, and Estonian culture posters displayed throughout the gallery. Design talks moderated by Surya Vanka from IDSA with Estonian designers and opinion leaders on digital innovation offer insights into the future of design, while workshops provide exciting hands-on experiences and invaluable learning opportunities.

You can see Estonian design in the ‘ByDesign’ television series, broadcast on CBS Network Television, which showcases international design stories to millions of viewers across major markets. The ‘Soul of Estonian Design Unveiled: Tradition, Sustainability, Innovation’ will be featured in the 2024 series, highlighting Estonia’s innovative design ethos and global impact within NYC Design Week guidelines.

At the opening event on May 17th you will have the opportunity to meet Estonian designers in person, talk to them, make deals. The exhibited objects tell stories about recycling and upcycling and new innovative materials besides the artefacts which prove the beauty of traditional methods. Estonian drinks and bites will be available, and visitors can also purchase unique gifts at the pop-up shop.

NYC designers have the chance to collaborate and engage with the Tallinn Design Festival, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and creative exchange. Opportunities for hosting speakers and exhibitions are open, encouraging connections between designers and institutions.

Active creatives interested in conducting business in Europe can receive guidance on becoming an e-Resident of Estonia and have the opportunity to meet with experts in the field.

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Estonian Design introduced on CBS TV channel, 27.02.2024

On February 24, a five-minute video showcasing Estonian design and sustainable businesses was broadcasted on CBS News and Stations Los Angeles channel KCAL-9. Alongside the upcoming ByDesign TV episode in New York, it is expected to reach a total of 12 million viewers.

"The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as a comprehensive exhibition of Estonian design is scheduled to take place in the USA this spring, with international marketing playing a crucial role in highlighting our progress," stated ilona gurjanova 🇺🇸

The Estonian Design House / Estonian Association of Designers in partnership with Estonian Academy of Arts and the e-Residency program, will be showcasing sustainable and digital designs during NYCxDESIGN from May 16 to 23.

👀 In the captivating realm of Estonian design, innovation and sustainability are intertwined. Estonian designers have established a distinct presence with their Nordic minimalist approach, blending tradition and modernity, reflecting a profound reverence for nature and a forward-thinking mindset 💭

Look at the video here

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Estonian Design Day, February 23 17.02.2024

February 23, Estonian Design Day

Under the slogan “Notice Estonian designers”, the Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) invite everyone to look around with a more curious eye to discover the creations of Estonian designers. EAD invites visitors to the studio with the setup of a particularly exciting garage sale of designers in the Solaris Centre, where to discover thematic exhibitions in museums and notice domestic authors of high-quality products.

Can you find Estonian designer products and graphic solutions around you, or can you highlight some well-designed services?


  • 19.02 Opening of the exhibition “Second Chance” (Solaris centre).
  • 20.02 Designers’ Outing.
  • 21.02 at 16-17.00 Design Center’s Design Snack: Presentation of the EDK design field mapping, participation – free.
  • 21.02 at 17.30 Meet the Designer Jaanus Orgusaar (in Põhjala Tehase), participation – free.
  • 22.02 at 12-18.00 Designers’ Garage Sale (Solaris centre).
  • 23.02 Congratulations, Estonian Design
    At 15:00, the announcement and celebration of the graphic design winner of the Tallinn Design Night Festival at the Estonian Designers’ Union (Ankru).

The Estonian Association of Designers in cooperation with the Disainiöö festival has declared Estonian Design Day ahead of the anniversary of our republic to pay special attention to the local design sector and highlight worthy creations here. Estonian Design Day was celebrated for the first time on February 23, 2016, in the gallery of the Estonian Design House at Kalasadama 8.

EDP project manager is Piret Mägi

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International Conference DESIGN 4.0 Sept 21, 2023 08.11.2023

This year's Tallinn Design Festival conference featured discussions on the rapid development and deployment of AI. Among other things, the conference discussions predicted the impact of AI on the design sector, weighted up the pros and cons, and offered practical advice. Society is expected to gradually embrace the changes, which will also be reflected in the economy and everyday life. Where will designers stand and how will they embrace the new era?

Do the new times call for innovative designers? What is Design 4.0? Can designers compete with artificial intelligence? Are designers at risk of unemployment? Can digital culture also help reduce our environmental footprint?

These and many other questions found answeres by Estonian and international experts.

Surya Vanka, a keynote speaker with Microsoft experience from the Industrial Designers Society of America, showed that designers can play a key role in shaping AI for the future, which complements rather than replaces human capabilities. Carlo Branzaglia from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna talked about how to avoid stereotypes when using AI. Darren Yeo, a design innovator from Singapore, explained why designers need to adapt to new changes and gives practical examples of how to get started.

Clothing designer Xenia Joost explored how cutting-edge technology merges with sustainable practices, leading to creative and environmentally conscious solutions that shape the future of fashion. Interdisciplinary designer Haeun Kim presented different models of collaboration between AI and designers and discussed the opportunities and challenges of creative people. Gothenburg-based designer Hugo Jonasson covered the subject and impact of utilizing artificial intelligence tools for image generation in the process for industrial design. Jaan Aru, Professor at the University of Tartu, discussed whether AI is more creative than human intelligence and the impact of AI on children and the education system.  

Surya Vanka
Surya Vanka

Carlo Branzaglia

Darren Yeo

Xenia Joost

Haeun Kim
Haeun Kim

Hugo Jonasson

Jaan Aru

10:45 Gathering with coffee

11:00 Introduction
Ilona Gurjanova (EST)

11:15 Design & AI: The Next Oppenheimer Moment?
Surya Vanka (USA)

12:00 Design and AI. Evidence based practice / practice based evidence
Carlo Branzaglia (ITA)

12:30 Design 4.0: Leading Design in the New Industry
Darren Yeo (SGP)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Sustainable Fashion in the Digital Age: Embracing Design 4.0
Xenia Joost (EST)

14:30 Craft 2.0 - Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence
Haeon Kim (ROK)

15:00 AI in the Industrial Design Process - A Short Case Study
Hugo Jonasson (SWE)

15:30 Creativity in the age of Artificial Intelligence
Jaan Aru (EST)

16:15 Panel Discussion

17:00 End of Conference

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Estonian Association of Designers participating WDO General Assembly 08.11.2023

Hosted by the WDO Promotional Member Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), the 33rd World Design Assembly was held in Tokyo (Japan) from 27-29 October 2023. Under the theme of Design Beyond, the three-day event, which also included a Research and Education Forum and an international Design Conference, explored the evolution of design and its intersection with humanity, technology and the environment.

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Material II @ Venice Design Biennale June 11-18, 2023 31.05.2023

“Material II: Shifting Ground” is the third in a series of exhibitions focused on materials, shedding light on how materials are developed and created in Estonian universities, enterprises and creative practices today. The exhibition brings together the work of 26 artists, designers and researchers to show how the notion of resources and material development is undergoing changes due to the environmental crisis.

Divided into three categories – Baltic Sea, Shifting Ground and Underwood – the works on display are invitations to a discussion around the changes in our habitat and the kinds of materials and material systems that we envision for the future.

In a world of abundance, understanding the origin of things becomes increasingly difficult. The variety of existing materials is vast; we are exposed to thousands of different substances on a daily basis. One of the objectives of “Material II: Shifting Ground” is not only to present materials in an exhibition setting but also to introduce their origin, ingredients and manufacturing technologies. The featured authors explore, across disciplines, what the future of materials could be: how regenerative design methods can add value to waste materials, what can we learn from local heritage technologies and which functional materials can be made on nanoscale.

The event is organised together with Estonian Association of Designers and Estonian Art Academy.

Senior researcher Reet Aus, Kärt Ojavee and Juss Heinsalu of the Laboratory of Sustainable Design and Materials will give lectures. The textile repair workshop is conducted by Marta Konovalov and Riina Õun teaches how to make bioplastics. A video showing how Reet Ausi's industrially upcycled product is made in the Beximco factory in Bangladesh is also shown.

Special appointments:

11 June: 17:00
Workshop: Textile repair - Marta Konovalov

12 June: 16:00
Design Talks - Reet Aus; Kärt Ojavee, Juss Heinsalu

17 June: 13:00
Workshop - Bioplastics - Riina Õun

Participants in the show:

Katrin Kabun, Geidi Hein, Erki Nagla, Siim Karro, Reet Aus, Merlin Meremaa, Katarina Kruus, Riina Õun, Tiia Plamus, Airi Gailit, Pilliroog/Suckõrs, Indrė Spitrytė, Cärol Ott, Karolin Kärm, Annika Kaldoja, Kärt Ojavee, Madis Kaasik, Juss Heinsalu, Oksana Teder, Ines-Issa Villido, Karl Kukk, Erik Heiki Veelmaa, Maria Kristiin Peterson, Marie Vihmar, Astri Kaljus, Marta Konovalov, Sirje Sasi, Juulia Aleksandra Mikson.

The event is supported by Culture Endowment, Erasmus+

Cannaregio 5415

Open everyday from June 11 to June 18, 11am-7pm, free admittance

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International Conference Green-Being September 22 15.09.2022

The international conference "Green-Being: WTF?*" will challenge green washing by presenting best practices and inspiring solutions from designers and product and service developers. Does the solution lie in recycling and new environmentally friendly materials only, or is it possible to redesign production processes to lengthen the value chain of materials and products?

The keynote speakers will include John Thackara, design-thinker and writer, who will find answers to how all kinds of political strategies touch people in their daily working lives. Reet Aus PhD, fashion innovator,
enterpreneur, senior researcher at Estonian Academy of Arts / DiMa will hopefully find the answer to what happens when we step outside this world of things? How does the universe design itself? Kai Realo, chairman of the board in Ragn-Sells, talks about the circular economy and consumer habits, i.e. how to satisfy people's need for individuality and personalization with the help of a few resources and new technologies. Eray Sertaç Ersayin, board member of the World Design Organisation (WDO) and President of the Turkish Industrial Designers Society talks about the value and impact that designers can bring in the circular journey - from the idea to the final product or the system.  

We are honoured to have a video greeting from the president of the World Design Organisation, David Kusuma PhD. MoA Sergio Dávila, an industrial designer and research professor at UAM Mexico, presents an exploratory experience aimed at reshaping the notion of biodesign in order to strengthen the training of future industrial designers and be more prepared to design with biotechnology. Paula Nerlich, material designer, PhD candidate from Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment, will discuss new materials thinking within circular systems. Kärt Ojavee PhD, artist, designer and researcher at the Estonian Academy of Arts Sustainable Design and Materials Lab/DiMa peeks into the questions of sources, value, narratives and how could practice-led design research bring a change into the perception of materials around us.

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The exhibition of Estonian sustainable design "Second Chance" 06.05.2022

The best of Estonian sustainable design innovations will be shown in Valencia 

The exhibition of Estonian sustainable design "Second Chance", organized by the Estonian Association of Designers and the Estonian Academy of Arts, will be opened in Palacio de Colomina in Valencia, on May 9th, featuring innovative sustainable design solutions from more than 20 Estonian designers. The curator of the exhibition is the President of the Estonian Association of Designers, Ilona Gurjanova, and its scenography, based on the principles of recycling, is done by Leonardo Meigas. The exhibition will remain open till May 19th and is being organized within the framework of Valencia_World Design Capital programme. 

The design exhibition “Second Chance“ demonstrates how the creators’ innovation and smart technologies in recycling can turn used items into new products, thus safeguarding limited resources and protecting the environment. The topic has become especially prominent during the last years’ crisis, giving rise to design thinking and sustainable solutions oriented design approaches across the world.

Estonia, a small country at the crossroads of East and West, has a distinguished culture of innovation and design, combined with a Nordic mindset, leading to sustainable development in many areas. The country is famed for its digital and e-culture, from IT & mobile technology solutions to nomad visas to the rich arena of successful startups, having the highest number of unicorn companies per capita in the world. The recent years have also witnessed a rapid international expansion of its product, textile, graphic and fashion design field, resulting in numerous international exhibitions, cultural exchange projects and prestigious innovation & design awards. Magazines like Elle Decoration, Dwell, Avantage, AD, Newsweek, Wallpaper, Monocle, New York Times etc have published feature stories about Estonian designers and their accomplishments.


„All Estonian design solutions featured in Valencia are handmade and crafted with great care and love. They have their own unique stories to tell, stories that go beyond the environmental aspect to cover also the design thinking and the innovative creation process behind. Each of them has noticeable, very often amusing details, typical of design products. We have been been featuring the „Second Chance“ exhibition at Tallinn Design Festival and last year in Venice at the Design Biennale, where it received a very warm welcome. For Valencia we have further developed the concept, adding together with the Estonian Academy of Arts even more innovative design solutions to it,“ introduced the exhibition its curator, Ilona Gurjanova, the President of the Estonian Association of Designers and the main organizer of the Tallinn Design Festival. 

“We are thrilled to host the Estonian Designers Association and the Tallinn Design Festival members here in Valencia with their exhition “Second Chance”, specially this 2022 that we are the World Design Capital. I am sure this initiative, altogether with opening conference “Everything you didn’t know about Estonian Design” on May 9th will approach the reality of Estonian design to our audiences and will enrich our respective communities with knowledge and inspiration. Valencia aims to become a global hub for creativity and design and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ilona Gurjanova for her support in bringing all these contents to our event”. Xavi Calvo, Managing Director, World Design Capital Valencia 2022

The exhibition features design solutions from well-known Estonian designers, among them several winners of international and local design awards: Marit Ilison, Reet Aus, Kairi Lentsius, Angela Orgusaar, Urmas Lüüs, Sille Luiga, Kalli Sein, Raili Keiv, Margot Vaaderpass, Tarmo Luisk, Sirli Ratasepp, Igor Volkov, Kalli Sein, Eva-Karlotta Tatar, Leonardo Meigas, Laura Saks, Marta Moorats, Piret Puppart and many more. 

On May 9th at 5 PM, a conference introducing Estonian design landscape and its development into one of the world’s unique design hotspots, will be taking place in Palacio de Colomina (Carrer de l'Almodí 1), featuring as keynote speakers Ilona Gurjanova, Reet Aus, Piret Puppart and Marta Moorats. The festive opening of the „Second Chance“ exhibition, with the participation of the Embassy of Estonia in Spain, will be starting at 6.30 PM.


Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) is striving to be among the leading international centers of innovation in the field of visual culture, collaborating with more than 100 partner universities in the world. For the “Second Chance” exhibition, several innovative recycling and sustainable design projects of EKA have come together.


The Sustainable Design and Material Lab exhibits practical examples of textile waste circularity, based on local upcycling, industrial upcycling and recycling design methods. The QUICK SILVER experimental design project series main goal is to inspire fashion, textile and accessory design students to make art from the most unexpected materials, turning, for instance, leftover metallic ice-cream packaging, discarded marine rescue equipment, thermal bags, ropes, life jackets etc into sculptural fashion design and design items. The two projects came together to investigate how designers can contribute to emotional durability instead of creating more durable waste. Additionally, the first phase of the research project Repair and Regenerative Textile Design by Marta Moorats, investigates and shows the concept of repair, and the experimental tableware designed and prepared in a sustainable manner for the restaurant of Tallinn Fotografiska museum by the students of ceramics, glass, jewelry and blacksmith departments of the Estonian Academy of Arts, are shown.


The Association of Estonian Designers (EDL) unites more than 170 well-known Estonian designers and its activities are focused on raising the society’s awareness of the efficiency of design and of developing user-friendly environment, as well as on organizing different design competitions, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. It collaborates internationally in the projects focusing on the issues like circular design, inclusive design, healthcare design, human cities, design management etc. Over the past 22 years curated exhibitions have been organized by EDL in more than 20 cities, striving to boost cultural exchanges and to promote the achievements of Estonia as a rapidly developing design country. In doing so, the Association creates networking opportunities for Estonian product designers and production companies who want to reach the international arena. The Association has its own design stores and showrooms under the umbrella brand of the Estonian Design House, representing more than 120 remarkable Estonian product designers, ranging from interior design items to fashion. For 17 years, EDL has also been organizing the Tallinn Design Festival Disainiöö.

Contact for additional information: 

Ilona Gurjanova

President of the Estonian Association of Designers (EDL), the curator of „Second Chance“, organizer of the Tallinn Design Festival.


Mobile: +372 55 573 687

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International exhibition SOS DESIGN 07.09.2021

As the main exhibition of XVI Tallinn Design Festival, SOS Designselectively represents the works of shortlisted designers from the 2020 Global Design Graduate Show and takes place in cooperation with the world's only digital platform for university graduates ARTSTHREAD. Despite a difficult year for the graduates, the exhibition provides excellent solutions from more than 10 countries to curb the worldwide chaos, while also giving hope for the future of our creative industries.

The examples are plenty: developing a connection with nature and increasing urban biodiversity by involving botany in digital architectural production; sustainable water management solutions; projects on disaster relief, refugees, the elderly, violence, agriculture, and even sex life in pandemic conditions.

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SOS DESIGN International Conference 07.09.2021

The international conference SOS Design, which will take place within the framework of the Tallinn Design Festival Design Night on September 23, has this time focused on the crisis topic. The role of design in resolving changes and crises in society is pointed out. In the context of a pandemic, the role of crisis planning is more important than ever. In addition to the pandemic, there are other global problems that require urgent intervention: the economic crisis, global warming, the energy crisis, poverty, the mental crisis.
The conference will feature emergency experts such as Ubaldo Spina; health care specialist Ain Aaviksoo; Alessia Buffagni, who talks about the need to bring emergency design into design education. Dario Donato who will talk in the frames of Italian Design Day, presents a vision of the future spatial experience and we hear examples from Mask Architects to alleviate the intolerable climate in Dubai. Industrial designer Helene Steiner will present products for biotechnology. Paul Mendieta shows sustainable water management.

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Second Chance in Venice 04.06.2021

"Second Chance" at Venice Design Biennale June 11-20, 2021

The exhibition of Estonian sustainable design "Second Chance" organised by Estonian Association of Designers will be opened in the Latteria Moderna gallery on June 11 at 6 pm within the framework of the Venice Design Biennale.

In parallel with the exhibitions of the Architecture Biennale, Estonian design is represented in Venice for the second time. The issue of the environment, which came to the fore during the crisis, has given rise to the content of this year's exhibition. The exhibition demonstrates how recycling turns used items into new products, which saves limited resources and protects the environment.

The exhibition features design solutions from well-known Estonian designers and several award winners: Marit Ilison, Reet Aus, Kairi Lentsius, Angela Orgusaar, Urmas Lüüs, Sille Luiga, Kalli Sein, Raili Keiv, Margot Vaaderpass, Tarmo Luisk, Elmet Treier, Igor Volkov, Kalli Sein, Anne Türn, Mihkel Mölder and Laura Saks. Experimental tableware for the restaurant by Fotografiska will be shown by Estonian Art Acedemy.

The curator is Ilona Gurjanova, the president of Estonian Association of Designers and design of the exhibition based on the principle of recycling is by Leonardo Meigas.
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An exhibition for a broader introduction of Estonian designers and designers' profession is now in Tartu. 

Between 2012 and 2017, the designer Ülar Linnuste created a 6-stage exhibition introducing the members of the Estonian Association of Designers as a creative project. In the course of this project, he portrayed and compiled brief overviews of the creative activities of his designer colleagues by providing them with a QR code (a total of 61 members of EAD). 

The aim of DESIGNERS FACEBOOK is wider introduction and promotion of the profession of the designer through specific individuals. In today's consumer society, design surrounds us so closely that we no longer even think actively about who have shaped it. However, all of these products and the environment around us are largely the fruit of designers' work. 

This exhibition links a particular person to his or her creative work or creative team.

If you have equipped your smartphones well in advance with a QR code reader, you can also access larger data volume or designer contact information. Because of the lack of space, the entire project is not exhibited, it is possible to browse the entire exhibition online.

Designers involved will visit the Tartu exhibition April 26th and will give short talks.

You can find all portraits at 

The idea of the exhibition, the portraits and the execution by Ülar Linnuste 

The project was supported by

Cultural Endowment of Estonia

Estonian Association of Designers


About the author:

Ülar Linnuste has graduated from the Tartu Art School in 1977 and graduated from the Estonian State Institute of Art in 1987 with a degree in Industrial Art.

In 1991, Ülar and his partner founded the graphic design and printing company JOON STUUDIO, which operates and operates under his management to date.

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Casa del design Estone - Estonian Design in Venice 23.05.2018

May 23rd – May 30th Open 10 – 18 every day

Venue: Italy, Venice, Photographer’s Studio Castello, Castello 996/a, 30122, in front of the #EstonianPavilion

For the 1rst time you can get acquainted with Estonian design at Venice Design Week - DESIGN.VE.

The characteristic feature of the exposition is the minimalist Nordic style, natural materials, high quality details and limited editions. There are also some unusual surprises to Estonia that are in harmony with the diverse historical and cultural heritage of Venice. This is a beautiful way to celebrate the centenary of Estonia.

The Estonian Design House was created by the Estonian Designers Association and has been representing Estonian design in Paris, London, Milan, Vienna, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, D.C and other cities in Europe over 7 years.

The selection of works shown in Venice aims to introduce the public to a more natural, eco-friendly and affordable style of design by Toivo Raidmets, Annike Laigo, Margot Vaaderpass, Maria Sidorenko, Karmen Saat, Andres Labi, Mare Kelpman, Kairi Kuuskor, Markus Marks, Kaspar Paas, Raili Keiv, Stella Soomlais, Mariana Laan, Urmas Lüüs, Liisu Arro, Tarmo Luisk, Jaanus Orgusaar, Piret Loog, Elmet Treier, Maria Rästa, Monika Järg, Karl Annus
Margus Triibmann, OOT-OOT, Karmen Saat, Tõnis Vellama, Kärt Põldmann, Johanna Tammsalu, Maile Grünberg.

More than 100 Estonian designers are represented by the Estonian Design House and its online platform

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Italian Design Day March  02.03.2018

Embassy of Italy, Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Arts and Estonian Association of Designers present:

Italian Design Day

01.03.2018 kl 15
Keskraamatukogu, Estonia pst 8
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Estonian Design Day - February 23 @ Solaris 02.03.2018

Presentation of a book: Woods And The Sea: Estonian Design And The Virtual Frontier by Michael Dumiak. Co-authors: Ene Läkk, Kai Lobjakas, Ilona Gurjanova 
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Size Doesn't Matter in Paris 21.01.2018

From December 8, 2017 through January 21, 2018, the #CitédelaMode et du Design hosts #estonian culture festival #LoovKultuur.

Presented in the Galerie d’actualité at the Cité, over 70 objects and #accessories show that #Estonia is more than just the fully-digital country we’ve heard about …it’s also a place for #ascetic, #functional design that features a truly minimal, intelligent aesthetic. With all the simplicity and chic from #Northern shores, a dash of humor, a friendly attitude, and a #sustainable mindset, the Estonian scene is buzzing with creativity, and is capitalizing on its small size, combining specialist expertise, collaborations, and experimentations.
Already held in Milan, #Vienna, #Stockholm, #Brussels, and #London, this exhibition will be on display for the first time in #Paris.
Designed with the support of the Estonian Ministry of Culture, #LoovKultuur is part of #Estonia100, a cycle of events coordinated by the Estonian government as part of their centenary celebration.
#TanelVeenre #EV100 #designlovers #citemodedesign#estoniandesignhouse #ParisDesign #design #style #fashion #mandala

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Preview of Estonian design in London 12.11.2017

On September 14.09 - 24.09, in the frames of London Design Festival, the show "Size Does not Matter" is displayed at Oxo Tower Wharf Gallery. Estonian design has been exhbitited earlier in London, but this time the show is most comprehensive with many new products. The event is dedicated to the presidency of the European Union Council and the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. 

The Estonian Association of Designers (EDL) created the concept of Size Doesn’t Matter in 2014, which contrasts the smallness of the land and the density of designers and the abundance of the achievements, in order to introduce Estonian design in foreign countries. Exhibits shown include innovative industrial products and demonstrate the successful combination of a rich visual heritage with the latest technologies and solutions of the 21st century.

Ilona Gurjanova, the curator and the president of the Estonian Association of Designers hopes, through foreign exhibitions, to boost cultural exchanges showcasing the achievements of Estonia as a rapidly developing design country and create opportunities for networking for Estonian product designers reaching the international arena.

The Size Doesn’t Matter exhibition includes products related to furnishing of the home: textiles, furniture, lighting, ceramics, glass, wheels and fashion accessories including bags, shoes, jewelry and a selection of packaging and book designs. Nearly 50 designers are represented; established designers alongside newly graduated, promising young artists who have received awards both in Estonia and abroad. The crisp collection is characteristic of the Nordic country – characterised by a minimalist style, natural materials, ingenious solutions and humour. The scenography by Helen Sirp has been inspired by the infinite blue - the colour with no borders - The union of the sea and sky. Meeting at twilight.


The Size Doesn’t Matter concept has travelled and been exhibited in Brussels, Vienna, Stockholm and Caen already. Next destinations are Paris and Berlin.

POP-UP shop every day 11-6 pm

Opening and private view: 15th of September 6 pm

14.-24.09.2017 11-18


Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street

South Bank SE1 9PH London

Free entry


Bankside Design District Late Night: 20th of September


Presentation of the book: “Woods and the Sea. Estonian Design and Virtual Frontier” by Michael Dumiak (Black Dog Publishing) - to be confirmed

Size Doesn’t Matter forms part of the London Design Festival 2017 programme at Oxo Tower Wharf.


By the invitation of the Estonian Embassy, designers will also be part of the Open House London program, which will take place on 16.09, in which the Estonian Embassy introduces the story of the Estonian design and will open a pop-up shop. The exhibition is supported by the State Chancellery


Designers: Matti Õunapuu, Stella Soomlais, Johanna Tammsalu, Maria Sidorenko, Jaanus Tamme, Urmas Lüüs, Kairi Kuuskor, Janno Nõu, Mare Kelpman, Indrek Narusk, Piret Loog, Karl Annus, Mihkel Mäll, Mihkel-Emil Mikk, Mihkel Güsson, Egert Uibo, Sofia Hallik, Tanel Veenre, Monika Järg, Karmen Saat, Raili Keiv, Toivo Raidmets, Kärt Summatavet, Mait Summatavet, Andres Labi, Tarmo Luisk, Mihkel Masso, Maile Grünberg, Reet Aus, Sille Sikmann, Tõnis Vellama, Elmet Treier jt.

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Estonian Design House opened a new store @Solaris 23.04.2017

At the beginning of April a new spacious showroom of Estonian design was opened in the centre of the city, at Solaris centre /Estonia pst 9/. Over 50 designers are represented with furniture, lighting, accessories, jewellery, ceramics and conceptious fashion. The store is opened daily 10-21.  Read more »


Estonian designers @ Milan Design Week Designersblock

Via Dante 14

BRERA, Milano

April 4-9

11 - 20 daily

Every year, Estonian Design House takes part of a foreign exhibition or fair. The idea behind

these trips is to broaden the clientele and promote Estonia as a country with enormous design


Milan Design Week is one of the most famous and popular design events in Europe with the

number of guests reaching 90 000 people every year. Cooperation with the British design

agency DesignersBlock which started at London Design Week in 2014 has led to another

projects which involve the Italian market. In cooperation with experienced partners, Estonian

designers exhibit their products in a prestigious shopping district Brera.

Estonian Design House is showcasing the newest fashion accessories; furniture; lighting; ceramics

and other bright products from natural materials with high quality and wit.




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Estonian design on display: DC Fashion Week hosts talent from Tallinn for first time for the first time at DC Fashion Week 20.09.2016

An outstanding delegation of 22 Estonian design brands arrive in Washington on Tuesday 20th Sept. to will participate at in the DC Fashion Week festival through Sept. 25th. 

Designers will create a joint pop-up exhibition of fashion and design brands at the Estonian embassy, show their clothes and accessories on the runway during Fashion Week and meet with buyers and media. 

Other events during the week include screening of the film Out of Fashion, a detailed creative documentary about fashion designer Reet Aus and her striving to upcycle industrial clothing scraps from Bangladesh into her own label, exploring and fighting against ‘fast fashion’ along the way, and a reading by American writer and editor Michael Dumiak from Woods and the Sea, an upcoming book about Estonian designers.

The aim of bringing Estonian fashion and design to Washington is to introduce Estonian strong Estonian brands toin the US, to exploreto create long-lasting cooperation possibilities partnerships and to develop e-commerce inof the sector.

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“Size Doesn’t Matter” exhibition in Stockholm 3.05-27.05.2016 28.04.2016

 The Estonian Association of Designers (EDL) has developed the concept of “Size Doesn’t Matter”, which contrasts the smallness of the land and the density of designers and the abundance of the achievements, in order to introduce Estonian design in foreign countries. The collection consists of high quality small print run products, basically of the best pieces of the designers makers and of new innovative industrial products. The exhibition includes products related to furnishing of the home: textiles, furniture, lighting, ceramics, glass, wheels and fashion accessories including bags, shoes and jewelry. Nearly 50 designers are represented including meritorious as well as a newly graduated young promising designers who have received awards both in Estonia and abroad. The crisp collection is characteristic to the Nordic country - characterized by a minimalist style, natural materials, ingenious solutions and humor.  

This exhibition has been travelling from Tallinn to Brussels, London and Vienna. Now we are glad to introduce such a large range of Estonian design first time in Stockholm. In winter the exhibition will travel to Les Boréales Festival in Caen and the next stop will be in Paris.
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Estonian designers at Milan Design Week 


Spazio A 

ex Ansaldo

via Tortona 54  

April 12 - 17, 2016

11 AM - 10 PM

Every year, Estonian Design House takes part of a foreign exhibition or fair. The idea behind these trips is not to undervalue the home market but broaden the clientele and promote Estonia as a country with enormous design potential. 

Milan Design Week is one of the most famous and popular design events in Europe with the number of guests reaching 80 000 people last year. Cooperation with the British design agency DesignersBlock which started at London Design Week in 2014 has led to another projects which involve the Italian market. In cooperation with experienced partners, Estonian designers exhibit their products in an old industrial building (Ex Ansaldo) on the most popular street Via Tortona, in the heart of the Milan Design Week.

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»Size Doesn't Matter!« 09.-29. Nov 2015 — at designforumWIEN. 02.11.2015

Estonian Design to be introduced for the first time in Austria. In the centre of Vienna between 10.11 and 29.11 2015 in the well-known designforum Wien gallery, Estonian design review exhibition “Size Doesn't Matter".

On the day after the opening, in the course of a seminar, it will be possible to meet with Estonian designers and listen to the development stories of this small Nordic country.

For several days in the gallery will be open the Estonian Design House pop-up shop and helpful designers will be the guides when presenting the exhibits. The Estonian Association of Designers (EDL) has developed the concept of "Size Doesn't Matter," which contrasts the smallness of the land and the density of designers and the abundance of the achievements, in order to introduce Estonian design in foreign countries.

The collection consists of high quality small print run products, basically of the best pieces of the author's design and on new innovative industrial products. The exhibition includes products related to furnishing of the home: textiles, furniture, lighting, ceramics, glass, wheels and fashion accessories including bags, shoes, jewelry and a selection of packaging and book designs. Nearly 45 designers are represented including meritorious as well as a newly graduated young promising artists who have received awards both in Estonia and abroad. The crisp collection is characteristic to the Nordic country - characterized by a minimalist style, natural materials, ingenious solutions and humor.

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X Design Night starts with the seminar Future Design. Design Future. 13.09.2015

Seminar "Design Future. Future Design"
Th 17.09 
at 10:00 
@ Kultuurikatel 

This years theme is designs future and future design. We have gathered together fantastic speakers both from Estonia and abroad.

The keynote speaker Charles Landry, the author of the concept of Creative Cities (UK), introduces the movements on future cities. Tiit Tammiste`s presentation is about internet of things; Pekka Sivonen shares his dreams about creating the brood chamber on wealth and wellbeing in Finland; Jon Marshall (UK) explains the backgrounds of the design award they received in collaboration with Virgin Atlantic; the founder of Fixperts competition, Daniel Charny (UK), pays attention to the significance of fixing objects and situations; we will have an excursion in the design world of Villeroy-Boch Gustavsberg by the head designer Jon Eliason(Sweden) and lifestyle trends of 2016 will be brought to us by Stefan Nilsson (Sweden).

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International design competition FIXPERTS for improving real life situations and fixing things 12.08.2015

Tallinn Design Festival 2015 is collaborating with Fixperts, a creative social platform and design education programme, to create a bespoke international Fixperts Award which will be formally announced and celebrated at the TDF Gala event.

The application is open to any Fixperts project that uses design to solve a real life situation and demonstrates clearly how design can be used to improve quality of life. This can be by prototyping a product, a service or a public space design. These are small problems solved quickly and their story told. Find out more here.

Anyone is eligible to apply as long as they upload a Fixperts project according to the Fixperts guidelines by 1st of September 2015. 

Full details, terms and conditions to follow. 

The Prize: The winner will be invited to Tallinn Design Festival DISAINIÖÖ to receive the award at the gala event. Travel and accommodation will be organised and paid for (500 EUR). Should the winner be from Estonia, Tallinn Design Festival DISAINIÖÖ will offer an organised trip to the London Design Festival, with travel and accommodation paid for (500 EUR).

The films by the shortlisted nominees will be presented during Tallinn Design Festival and later in international channels. 

The Process: Applications are open from 15th July to 1st September 2015. The shortlist will be announced and winner notified by 1st September; the winner will be invited to attend the formal announcement at the TDF Gala event on 18th September.


Tallinn Design Festival 2015 is collaborating with Fixperts, a creative social platform and design education programme, to create a bespoke international Fixperts Award which will be formally announced and celebrated at the TDF Gala event.
The application is open to any Fixperts project that uses design to solve a real life situation and demonstrates clearly how design can be used to improve quality of life. This can be by prototyping a product, a service or a public space design. These are small problems solved quickly and their story told. For examples, see

Anyone is eligible to apply as long as they upload a Fixperts project according to the Fixperts guidelines by 1st September 2015.

Full details, terms and conditions to follow.

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Estonian designers participate in the European project Human Cities 31.03.2015

Human Cities is a concept created in 2006 by the Belgian association Pro Materia and co-funded from 2014-2018 by the Creative Europe Programme of The European Union. It is a platform of interdisciplinary exchanges. This European network is about exploring the way in which the inhabitants reclaim the constantly evolving contemporary city (especially through experiments in the urban space) and ways of (re)inventing city life, as sources of wellbeing and quality of life. These structural changes are impacting both people and places like shops in town and city centres. Today this project is led by Cité du Design from Saint-Etienne.

Human Cities network highlights 13 strong and shared values:

  1. Empathy
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Sustainability
  4. Intimacy
  5. Conviviality
  6. Mobility
  7. Accessibility
  8. Imagination
  9. Leisure
  10. Aesthetics
  11. Sensoriality
  12. solidarity
  13. respect
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Estonian designers testing UK design market 31.03.2015

The demand for small runs of semi-handmade quality products is increasing. Ascetic, oriented towards basic needs and functions, a smart aesthetic, not focusing on luxury – these are the intrinsic qualities of Estonian design.
The most well-known furniture and lighting designers (Maile Grünberg, Toivo Raidmets, Tarmo Luisk, Tõnis Vellama, Johanna Tammsalu etc) present outstanding lighting, high quality sofas with a touch of vintage (Oot-Oot), modern chairs, wooden pavilion (Tarmo Piirmets), recycling parquet (Elmet Treier), solar powered scooter e-Roll by Üllar Karro.
The exceptional craft skills are demonstrated by glass designers (AnnkrisGlass), ceramicists (Raili Keiv), designers of leather goods (Stella Soomlais, Kärt Põldmann, Piret Loog) textile designers who (Mare Kelpman), in addition to traditional solutions, create acoustic (Monika Järg) and light conducting textiles (Kärt Ojavee).
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Tallinn Design Night starts September 25th 21.09.2014

The times when the value of design was measured purely based on appearance and beauty are over. Contemporary design consists of integrated dynamic processes which give rise to functional, long-lasting, approachable and adjustable smart products which are comfortable to use, make our lives easier, create emotions and look great. In addition to this, improving our environment and existent services, creating new ones and combining them with products play an important role in creating well-being – this is what service design sets out to achieve. 
In the ever-changing world, those who are innovative stand out – those who learn from their mistakes, who can turn the values created by design into business and export and integrate design with other disciplines. All this, in turn, helps to expand the economy and develop Estonian design culture.  
IX Design Night festival which takes place on September 25-28, offers local design lovers yet another invigorating dose of international design and introduces good Estonian design. It is the year of design awards – the BRUNO product design award is given out and the best graphic designersservice designers and young designers are rewarded at the Estonian Design Awards gala. The award exhibition takes place in the NO99 theatre and the festive awards gala is held in the Lilleküla football hall. 
The meatier part of the programme consists of a design seminar and workshops. This year, the international seminar "Design Misstakes and Lessons Learned" concentrates on the mistakes, challenges and lessons learned. Among others, the accessories designer Elissa Bloom (USA), industrial designer Paolo Favaretto (Italy), design strategist Steinar Valade-Amland (Denmark), journalist Michael Dumiak(USA), designers Tania De Bruycker (Belgium) and Martin Pärn (Estonia) are giving presentations.
In order to be able to distinguish between good and bad design, we are organising a campaign where we collect examples of user-hostile design with possible solutions for improvement. Design students, professionals and everyone who wants to make the world a better place are welcome to take part. The results are displayed at the exhibition "Design Misstakes".
This year’s festival programme includes several design education workshops and exhibitions. The younger design fans can visit the former Helios cinema where an exhibition of works from design schools is displayed. Young students can also take part of the festival – the presentation of Polish author Ewa Solarzi children book "D.I.S.A.I.N." and Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński’s exhibition of illustrations and Polish designers display. Furthermore, the children’s product development project Real Design which started in May, where carpets and lights are industrially manufactured based on the designs of year 7 students, will also take the form of an exhibition. In cooperation with the Estonian Research Council, a nationalcompetition for student inventors is introduced which gives students the opportunity to improve our environment and life. Different museums and universities which are associated with the built environment– Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Museum of Estonian Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University - take part in the Design Night education programme.
The Estonian Academy of Arts celebrates its 100th jubilee in 2014. The programme of Design Night festival reflects on the diverse creative endeavors of the textile department and other achievements of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The Designers’ Face Book series continues. 
As has become customary, the festival brings design from around the world to Estonia. "Tales of Heroes"is a non-traditional, conceptual Flemish design exhibition which introduces design objects through a unique display and simple stories. The exhibition remains open in the Design and Architecture Gallery until October. The young French designer Fabien Carrero Carsenat introduces his resin product collection with a Nordic touch. MdSt exhibition "Bodyworks" works oscillate on the border of industrial art and design. Finnish industrial artists and designers are planning to redesign the human-unfriendly environment at Lasnamäe as part of the urban art event Suur-Lasnamäe. In cooperation with Portuguese designers alight installation will be at the gate of Kultuurikatla Aed. Furthermore, the results of the bus stop pavilion project Generation 2.0 in cooperation between Italian and Estonian students are displayed. 
Several other traditional events are included in the programme such as the PechaKucha Night lightning talks with international speakers, a charity auction, lighting displays and of course fashion show"Design Is in Fashion" which includes the quality textiles by the textile designer Mare Kelpmann and the new collection by the sustainable fashion designer Reet Aus
Year by year, the interest among creative professionals to take part in the festival as a satellite and organise mini events and presentations has been increasing. For several years in a row, designers, interior architects and manufacturers have been brought together at a contact night. An overview exhibition ofindustrial textile design and poster exhibition "Made in Poland" is displayed at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. 
Design Night window and pop-up shop will be opened at Departement StoreEstonian Design Houseshares design information. 
Design Night festival is organised by NPO Disainiöö in cooperation with the Estonian Association of Designers. Estonian Design Centre, several embassies and others are involved in the festival. The Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the city of Tallinn support the festival.   
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Estonian Design at London Design Festival 17-21 September 28.08.2014

18. - 21. September Pop – Up Shop Hoxton Gallery 9 Kingsland Rd London E2 8AA 
Showcasing the best of Estonian contemporary design; The Pop-Up Shop features fashion accessories including: bags, shoes and jewelry. The Pop-Up Shop also features an extensive selection of home-ware products, including: furniture, textiles, home and garden lights, ceramics and glassware. Nearly 50 designers are represented including Meritorious as well as emerging artists, many of whom have been recognized internationally. The Estonian Design House collection features exciting contemporary Nordic designs, which place an emphasis on stylistic minimalism, the use of natural materials, ingenuity and humor.   
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Estonian design to be introduced for the first time in Brussels 20.04.2014

In the center of Brussels between 24.04 and 25.05.2014 in the well-known DESIGN FLANDERS GALLERY, Kanselarijstraat 19 the Estonian design review exhibition “Size Doesn't Matter” will take place. On the day after the opening, in the course of a seminar, it will be possible to meet with Estonian designers and listen to the development stories of this small Nordic country. The Estonian Design House pop-up shop will be in the gallery for four days. Helpful designers will be the guides when presenting the exhibits.  

The Estonian Association of Designers (EDL) has developed the concept of "Size Doesn't Matter", which contrasts the smallness of the land and the density of designers and the abundance of the achievements, in order to introduce Estonian design in foreign countries. The collection consists of high quality small print run products, basically of the best pieces of the author's design and on new innovative industrial products. The exhibition includes products related to furnishing of the home: textiles, furniture, lighting, ceramics, glass, wheels and fashion accessories including bags, shoes, jewelry and a selection of packaging and book designs. Nearly 60 designers are represented including meritorious as well as a newly graduated young promising artists who have received awards both in Estonia and abroad. The crisp collection is characteristic to the Nordic country - characterized by a minimalist style, natural materials, ingenious solutions and humour.

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VII Design festival DESIGN NIGHT /disainiöö/ in Tallinn and Tartu 20.06.2012

The Design Night festival, which is known to activate Estonian design life every autumn, takes place on September 20-23. This year, in addition to the events in Tallinn, people from Tartu will also be able to experience the festival. The VII festival focuses on the areas where design has provided tangible results in improving the living environment.

Different seminars and a mini-fair are organised under the aegis “Design Matters”, which will concentrate on the cooperation between designers and companies and help to define possible success models which involve different areas by introducing the success stories of different people from the furniture and fashion industry. Among others, the world-renowned fashion designer Oskar Metsavaht from Brazil, who's roots are in Estonia, Per MollerupTapio Anttila and other famous designers from Denmark and Great Britain will take the stage. 

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Tallinn For All exhibition in Helsinki 29.05.2012

An exhibition with video about project of social inclusion called Tallinn For All was installed at Estonian House (Viro-keskus), Helsinki. The exhibition is opened May 21-June 11, 2012. In 2010 the Estonian Association of Designers brought together European designers, Tallinn city officials, the Chamber of Estonian Disabled People, lecturers and students from Estonian and French universities. They created many concepts for a single vision: Tallinn for All.

This falls under the rubric of the “Design for All” movement, which aims to create more accessible and livable cities in a measureable, solution-oriented way.

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Landmark event for innovative design lovers. Innovation Festival IF... and VI Design Night DISAINIÖÖ starts September 16th. 11.09.2011

IF... is a series of festivals which promotes creativity and innovation and aims to introduce the success stories of different European regions where design has been the driver of innovation and change and to present the results of the collaboration between designers, engineers, businessmen, scientists and students to the public. Within the span of 2 years, 6 cities organised the Innovation Festival – Barcelona, Milan, Kortrijk, Lisbon, Vilnius and Tallinn. Every city has chosen a topic which is prevalent in the region, stimulates development and increases awareness about innovation and design. The aim is not only to demonstrate excellent design but also to engage in a dialogue about and contribute to the processes taking place in the society like the climate change, pollution, environment without borders, etc. The festival emphasises innovation and user-friendly design, social inclusion, mobility, environmental awareness and the influence of technology on everyday life. People and their needs are in the centre of attention. Read more »

Registration to DME award gala 04.08.2011

One of the highlights of Innovation Festival IF... Tallinn and Design Night (16.-25.09.2011) is a festive celebration of Design Management Europe Award in Tallinn. The winners of the DME Award will be announced at KUMU (Art Museum Estonia) in Tallinn, Estonia on the 23rd September 2011. 

15 nominees shortlisted for the 
Design Management Europe Award 2011 

A selection of the most innovative and dynamic companies across Europe were nominated last week for the 2011 Design Management Europe Award by an international jury of business experts. The award recognises the critical role of management in the successful implementation of design and innovation and aims to promote best practices to a wide audience. 

The jury session determined the shortlist of companies and organisations for five categories. The jury consisted of notable business and design management experts from Europe: 
Jan-Erik Baars, Associated Partner Van Berlo Strategy and Design (the Netherlands) 
Michal Stefanowski, President Association of Industrial Designers (Poland) 
Carlos Aguiar, Design Associate Professor University of Porto (Portugal) 
Jan Kriekels, CEO JAGA (Belgium). 

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Contest for Innovation Ideas IF... Tallinn 19.04.2011

Estonian Association of Designers together with other European cities have launched a competition on innovation ideas. IF (European Innovation Festival) is an international project that involves 6 regions of Europe Barcelona | Milano | Kortrijk | Lisboa | Vilnius | Tallinn. After the national selection (Deadline May 30), the Estonian winning projects (max 5) will be taken to contest with other winning projects of each 6 region. The final decision will be reached September 22, 2011, at the Innovation Festival of Tallinn. The participants should be located in Estonia. The main prize is iPad.
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May 26-27, 2011, II International Conference Cities For All - Tallinn For All. Mobility. 30.03.2011


                                                                                                            On 26-27 May 2011, Tallinn will host the 2nd international conference "Cities For All – Tallinn For All’ Mobility, where the participants will be discussing mobility related issues, review reasons behind the success or failure of mobility projects in various countries, and discuss the social, economic and environmental impact connected with it.The speakers come from England, Finland, Estonia, Austria, and France. The keynote speaker is Rama Gheerawo from the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art; Hanna-Leena Rissanen will present the research carried out by the Aalto University in Helsinki, which is entitled ‘Future Public Transport for All’; from Jarmo Tuisk we will hear why Estonian electromobility project is innovative; Veolia’s example presented by Claude Arnaud from France attempts to demonstrate that involving designers in creating new solutions has proven to be appropriate; Eric Rhinn speaks about the design process for public transports in Saint-Etienne. Veronika Egger will provide examples about the generation of efficient mobility prototypes; Fabien Combe demonstrates his projects on urban sustainable mobilityThe conference will be opened by Finn Petren, the President of the EIDD Design For All Europe and introduction speech will be made also by Christian Guellerin, the President of Cumulus. The conference will be moderated by Pete KercherPanel discussions will be held with the participation of professors of Estonian higher educational institutions and internationally recognised mentors (Julia Cassim, Finn Petren, Francesc Aragall, Avril Accolla, Roger O'Keeffe etc.) who will be leading the implementation of the project named ‘Cities for All – Tallinn For All’.

‘Cities for All – Tallinn For All’ is an international co-operation project, whose objective is to find solutions for turning Tallinn into a more accessible and user-friendly city.The project will be realised by the Estonian Association of Designers, and the results of the first work groups will be analysed within the workshop held on 26 MayFinal innovation proposals, as well as new product and service projects can be seen in September, at the exhibition taking place in the framework of the European Innovation Festival and the Design Night (Sept 16-25).

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The Estonian Design House opened its doors on December 18. The Estonian Association of Designers, together with various design companies, has now moved into a historical limestone building at the Fish Port, planned by the architect, Johansson. For several years the designers have sought possibilities for the exposition of their creation, while the city residents and foreign guests have revealed their interest in local design achievements. The first such gallery introducing Estonian design was opened in September in Helsinki. 

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Design side by side with Pärt and Oksanen representing Estonia in the Normandian cultural festival. 11.11.2010 13.11.2010

The Normandian cultural festival Boreales will be opened on November 12 in Caen, France, where the visitors can see the exhibition “design_estonia“ introducing Estonian design within the framework of the official programme. The exhibition will be opened by the Estonian Ambassador in France. A 5-member delegation of Estonian designers will be present. Several nominees for the Estonian design award Bruno and examples of more interesting design products of recent years are exposed in a beautiful and historical public administration building. The selection was also partly made on the basis of material, demonstrating the beauty and application possibilities of Nordic plywood. Products made by Igor Volkov, Monika Järg, Margus Triibmann, Tarmo Luisk, Pavel Sidorenko, Jaanus Orgusaar, Mare Kelpman, Maarja Mõttus, Sixten Heidmets - Sirli Ehari, Julia Maria Künnap, Kerttu Laane can be found in the exhibition. The curators of the project are Marko Ala and Ilona Gurjanova. The Normandian public television prepared the clip introducing Estonian design during the visit to Estonia in August. The exhibition will remain open until the end of the year and has been organised with the support of the Estonian Cultural Endowment. 

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Estonian designers and architects visit Shanghai EXPO 10.11.2010

The Estonian Designers mission to China took place from October 4th until October 17th, 2010. The main objective of the joint project of Estonian designers and producers was to learn about the possibilities for providing design services in Shanghai and its surroundings, and to also study local production. The Designers visited the cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou, where at their presence the exhibition Astonishing Estonia was opened. Moreover, several business meetings were held at the Enterprise Estonia Shanghai office, as well as, at various design organizations, companies and museums.
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Design Festival Design Night Tallinn, Sept 23-26, 2010 07.08.2010


In the end of September city of Tallinn is taken over by design. Fifth Design festival Design Night (Disainiöö) takes place on 23-25 of September and the heart of the festival is situated in lively Rotermann quarter. Different interdisciplinary events around the city embrace design, architecture, art, cinema, music, etc.

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European Innovation Festival IF... held in Tallinn from 16 to 23 September 2011 07.08.2010

In 2009 an agreement was made with six European cities for the organisation of the Innovation Festival IF... The project was initiated by PRO INNO Europe to promote innovation in different countries. Locations of the Festival: Barcelona (2009), Milan, Kortijk and Lissabon (2010), Vilnius and Tallinn (2011).  IF... 
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Exhibition of Estonian design at the Festival Les Boréales in Normandy, 11.11.–31.12.2010 07.08.2010

Estonian Association of Designers has had fruitful cooperation with the Estonian Embassy in France for several years. In addition to contacts established at the International Furniture Fair in Paris, new fascinating projects have been initiated. In 2010 Estonian design will be displayed in Normandy; in 2011 the EAD will take part in the Estonian cultural festival in Paris.
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Face-to-face conference “Ten Years/Ten Countries”, 4.-6.11.2010 07.08.2010

International cooperation is one of the main objectives of the EAD. The conference “Ten Years/Ten Countries” in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany will provide another opportunity to reunite with long-term cooperation partners. The motto of the conference is: “In dialogue we trust!”
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Estonian design showroom in the Estonian House, Helsinki 07.08.2010

 Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) is partner in the Estonian House project. The project is a citizen’s initiative which resulted in the establishment of the Estonian House in Helsinki. The building will mainly serve as headquarters for the Tuglas Society, Estonian Institute and EAS Helsinki. It is located in Suvilahti, a district which should develop into the most active area with creative potential by 2012, the year of the World Design Capital Helsinki.

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Call for applications for the BRUNO Award open since 16 July 07.08.2010


Estonian economic success largely relies on export and the level of innovation. New competitive products and services are born in cooperation with designers. Modest amount of sales and relative passivity in involving designers in local production and entrepreneurship – the result of the small market volume – does not discourage designers from achieving the best results in their fields of specialty. With the design award the Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) wishes to value the designer’s profession and demonstrate the potential of designers.

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