Call for applications for the BRUNO Award open since 16 July 07.08.2010


Estonian economic success largely relies on export and the level of innovation. New competitive products and services are born in cooperation with designers. Modest amount of sales and relative passivity in involving designers in local production and entrepreneurship – the result of the small market volume – does not discourage designers from achieving the best results in their fields of specialty. With the design award the Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) wishes to value the designer’s profession and demonstrate the potential of designers.

For the third time already BRUNO will be awarded to the creator of the best Estonian product, the author of the best design project and a company excellently engaging design management.

Call for applications for the Estonian BRUNO design award will be open from 16 July until 1 September 2010.

Prize fund is EEK 150,000. The jury will be formed by international members.

Winners will be announced on 24 September 2010 at the Design Night (Disainiöö). The Architecture and Design Gallery will hold an exhibition featuring the nominees, accompanied by a publication.


Terms and conditions:

° All citizens (citizenship and higher education are not a prerequisite) working in Estonia in the field of design can apply for the design award.

° Works accepted for evaluation must be completed within the last two years before the competition (2008–2010).

° Products submitted in the category of Best Product Design must be in industrial or semi-manual production or be suitable for production (the suitability of unique design or unrestricted products will be decided by the jury).

° Precondition for taking part in the competition is the existence of the finished product which, once a positive response from the jury is received (on 5 September), must be transported to the Architecture and Design Gallery by the morning of 21 September at the latest. In exceptional cases, if the product is too heavy for transportation or there are other reasonable explanations, a properly executed presentation poster (120x80 cm) can be submitted for the exhibition.

° Applicants participating in the category of Best Design Project can submit their executed or unexecuted design projects in the form of presentation posters (120x80 cm) and prototypes and, if necessary, using digital presentations.

° The category of Best Design Project is also open for service design solutions.

° It is allowed to enter the competition with package design or other similar design products.

° The category of Exemplary Design Management is open for applications by companies, agencies and non-profit organisations established in Estonia which are using strategic design for the progress of their organisations. Applicants must fill in a questionnaire, proving and expressing their brand value. In addition, visual material must be provided on a presentation poster (120x80 cm), introducing the offered product/service, means of communication (logo, signature style of the company, printed publications, website, etc.) and working environment (office, trade fair stands, transport, corporative clothing, etc.).



° Application for the design award mainly takes place over the Internet, through the homepage of Estonian Association of Designers ( Members of the EAD and participants in previous competitions can log on using their existing usernames and passwords; other applicants will be granted access after registration on the EAD homepage.

° Members of the EAD can choose to submit works from among the projects they have previously archived on the website or upload new products. Nominees will be published in the Internet on 5 September; recipients of the awards will be announced on 24 September and the winning projects will be marked accordingly on the website.

° In the category of Exemplary Design Management companies and organisations can also submit their applications online by logging on the EAD website or by filling in the questionnaire (DOC file) and sending it back by e-mail by 1 September at the latest. Visual material must be forwarded to the jury in JPEG or PDF format. In the case of positive response from the jury after the first round of selection (5 September), companies will present their results on a presentation poster (120x80 cm), following the design principles which will be communicated to all participants by the EAD.


Evaluation criteria:

– user friendliness

– level of innovation

– environment friendliness

– functionality

– ergonomics

– safety

– brand value

– sustainability

– aesthetics

– suitability for production



1 Best Product Design Award, EEK 100,000

1 Best Design Project Award, EEK 75,000

1 Exemplary Design Management Award

1–6 noted works


Benefits for award-winners:

– the BRUNO Award (golden orb assembled from three elements)

– monetary prize to award-winners in two categories: Best Product Design and Best Design Project.

– right to use the labels “Estonian Design Award 2010” and “Noted Work”

– introduction of awarded and noted works in the media

– participation in the nominees’ exhibition (2 weeks)

– details in the catalogue of the Award and in the Internet

– media coverage of the competition



The international jury is formed by:

Jean Schneider (France)

Lylian Meister (Estonia)


The rest of the jury members are yet to be confirmed.