The Estonian Design House opened its doors on December 18. The Estonian Association of Designers, together with various design companies, has now moved into a historical limestone building at the Fish Port, planned by the architect, Johansson. For several years the designers have sought possibilities for the exposition of their creation, while the city residents and foreign guests have revealed their interest in local design achievements. The first such gallery introducing Estonian design was opened in September in Helsinki. 

Now a showroom of Estonian design has also been opened for the public in Tallinn, providing a possibility to study the new design products and to also buy or order the items. Design information is available in the office of the Association of Designers. The community of designers of different fields provides design competency. Furthermore, a club-cafe is open in the same building, whose menu, in addition to high-level food and drink as well as a free wifi connection, also includes various design events - workshops, introductions of new products, etc.

The Estonian Design House accommodates the studios of Monika Järg, Igor Volkov, Stella Soomlais, Marko Ala and Joonas Torim, the office of the Association of Designers and the Design Night and the Oot-Oot club. The building belongs to the designer, Ivo Nikkolo, and is located at the address - Kalasadama 8. The sales salon is open from Monday to Saturday.

The project of the Estonian Design House is a civic initiative, which has not received any support from the programmes of the European Union.