SOS DESIGN International Conference 07.09.2021

The international conference SOS Design, which will take place within the framework of the Tallinn Design Festival Design Night on September 23, has this time focused on the crisis topic. The role of design in resolving changes and crises in society is pointed out. In the context of a pandemic, the role of crisis planning is more important than ever. In addition to the pandemic, there are other global problems that require urgent intervention: the economic crisis, global warming, the energy crisis, poverty, the mental crisis.
The conference will feature emergency experts such as Ubaldo Spina; health care specialist Ain Aaviksoo; Alessia Buffagni, who talks about the need to bring emergency design into design education. Dario Donato who will talk in the frames of Italian Design Day, presents a vision of the future spatial experience and we hear examples from Mask Architects to alleviate the intolerable climate in Dubai. Industrial designer Helene Steiner will present products for biotechnology. Paul Mendieta shows sustainable water management.


10:00 Gathering with coffee cup
10:15 Ilona Gurjanova
Estonian Association of Designers, president. DISAINIÖÖ, main organiser

10:30 Alessia Buffagni
Ph.D. candidate in Design Sciences, research fellow and teaching assistant at Istituto Universitario di Architettura Venezia.
    Is researching in gerontechnology and design for health and wellbeing.
Towards a resilient society: bringing Design for Emergencies into design education.

11:00 Ain Aaviksoo
Chief Medical officer. Healthin OÜ / Guardtime OÜ
How to marry Covid certificates and dignity? VaccineGuard. How to marry Covid certificates and dignity?

11:30 Helene Steiner
Biotech Research Park t/a OpenCell
CONTAIN - Rapid-response testing and sequencing labs

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Ubaldo Spina
Researcher - Industrial Designer - Design Page Coordinator at "Il Giornale dell’Architettura"
From design to live to design to survive: scenarios, projects and visions.

13:15 Dario Donato
Design Principal at Spatialconnection(s)
Rendering tomorrow’s spatial experiences

13:45 Oznur Pinar Cer; Danilo Petta
Mask Architects
Abu Dhabi challenge competition: "I-Breathe just" for emergency apparatus for Covid cases and "Artificial breathing palm structure in Dubai»

14:25 Paul Mendieta
Deploy Tech Ltd
ArtsThread Graduate Competition. Deploy - Access to Water

15:00 Panel
Ubaldo Spina

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