Tallinn For All exhibition in Helsinki 29.05.2012

An exhibition with video about project of social inclusion called Tallinn For All was installed at Estonian House (Viro-keskus), Helsinki. The exhibition is opened May 21-June 11, 2012. In 2010 the Estonian Association of Designers brought together European designers, Tallinn city officials, the Chamber of Estonian Disabled People, lecturers and students from Estonian and French universities. They created many concepts for a single vision: Tallinn for All.

This falls under the rubric of the “Design for All” movement, which aims to create more accessible and livable cities in a measureable, solution-oriented way.

The participants have three goals:


— To make Tallinn a more accessible and comfortable destination and to improve it as a place to live by opening the city to more of its residents: people like the elderly, young mothers and the disabled.


— To achieve tangible results that bring attention to universal design.


— To introduce and further the methodology of Design for All.


Participants weighed existing solutions, audience desires and the realistic constraints against producing new products and services. Working groups, each with students and people with disabilities, examined select city pavements and entrances from the point of view of wheelchair and stroller accessibility. They surveyed transport systems, wayfinding and signage, how easily tourists got lost, the quality of public services and information centers. They brought the information to Tallinn residents with an oversize “Gulliver Map” downtown.


The results are definitive descriptions of design solutions—and they made their debut during the European Innovation Festival and Design Night in 2011. A showing is also scheduled for Helsinki as part of its Design Capital 2012 programs.