Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) is an association connecting and representing Estonian designers, with an aim to support design in the broader sense of the concept. The organisation established in 1989 today brings together 116 experts in product, furniture, fashion, textile and graphic design, the so-called cream of our creative industry. EAD focuses on improving the professional skills and vocational knowledge of designers and stands for the rights of its members. The main purpose of EAD, however, is to ensure the high quality of its members’ professional skills and compliance with the code of ethics.

In the Estonian society EAD is known as the promoter of design awareness. For us, design does not mean the ‘make-up art’ of the substantial world, but rather, a process which serves as a connecting link between economy and culture, nature and technology, business and people. The invisible tasks of design are to develop a user-friendly environment and to provide additional value to entrepreneurship. At the same time we do not wish to encourage over-production of unnecessary products, but contribute in quality and sustainable products.

In today’s world, networking is the key to success. Exchange of information and international contacts will create new opportunities for cooperation. EAD is a member of international roof organisations for design: ICSID, BEDA, EIDD Design For All Europe and the Design Management Europe Award Consortsium . Our most active cooperation partner is Finland. In the framework of the European Union cooperation program we have initiated new projects and created numerous new products. For years we have also actively associated with France. Repeated participation at the St-ÉtienneDesign Biennial and Maison&Objet furniture trade show, as well as cooperation with the foreign media, has brought us recognition. In 2011 the EAD will organise the European Innovation Festival IF... in Tallinn, hosting the European Design Management Award Gala as part of the event.

EAD is actively involved in raising the society’s awareness of the efficiency of design, organising exhibitions, competitions, seminars and workshops. The Association participates in discussions on the establishment of Estonian progress strategy and development of creative economy. Since 2006 the EAD has been organising the Design Night Festival. This provides an opportunity to bring design and creativity into focus and allows representatives of creative economy to demonstrate their work. In every two years the EAD gives out the BRUNO Award for the best design product, best design project and exemplary design management.

On the initiative of the EAD a joint project with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications was launched to develop and implement design policy. EAD also initiated the establishment of the Estonian Design Centre.